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Amuli Baba Va Moana Votuka Anderson Kadungure Baba VaGinimbi 4Year Makauraya Mwana Wangu Hausati Waripa Kana Kundikumbira Ruregerero

FOUR years after the death of his daughter in tragic circumstances in an accident, which captured the attention of Harare, Ishmael Amuli hasn’t found closure.His daughter, fitness bunny Moana, died in the same accident which claimed the life of socialite Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure in November 2020.Amuli says Moana would have been alive today had she listened to his advice to cut ties with the socialities she was hanging around with.He is also a bitter man and his bitterness is directed at the Kadungure family which he claims has not paid a condolence message to him — four years down the line.






In an exclusive interview with H-Metro, at his house in Domboshava, Amuli bared his soul:“I am so saddened by Genius’ father Anderson’s arrogance not to come and pay his condolence message to me given my daughter Moana was killed while in the company of his son.“She was at his Dreams Night club, so they are responsible for my daughter’s death.“In our African culture, if my child commits a crime somewhere, I go and console the victims.“So, because the Kadungures are rich, my child is nothing to them, it’s like I stay as far as Epworth or Bindura but we both stay here in Domboshava.”






He revealed that his daughter would have been alive today had she listened to his advice.“Moana did not listen to me. She came here in Domboshava to pick up her daughter.“I told my wife to inform me as soon as she arrived and when I came in, she was seated there. I arrived and strongly tapped her on her back many times.“I was telling her that I was not happy about her public nudity and controversies, but she kept quiet.“I knelt in tears, while holding both her feet, rebuking her for moving around these (socialite) circles.”He added:“I wept for a long time, I ordered her to listen to me, as her father, but she didn’t listen to me and later I was told about her death in the company of Genius.






“I said to myself, so my daughter took my warning lightly? Inini mudhara, kudzinza kwangu, ndikadzimara ndaku pfugamira nezvizvi (mabvi), ndichikubata makumbo, rufu, wanzwa.“Kana uri mwana wangu inini, ndikango dzimara ndakubata tsoka idzi, ndichichema nemisodzi yangu inini, nyakutumbura, rufu.“Ndakangobva ndazviona kuti, hoo, haana kunditeerera, paye paye akangozvitora lightly, haana kuziva kuti ndirikutomurakidza chivanhu chekumusha kwangu, chekumba kwangu inini, nedzinza rangu neropa rangu.”Moana was his only daughter.





“She was my only daughter. My brother had one daughter and we had one girl sibling in all our generations, she did not know how important she was in our clan’s lineage.“I humbly begged her and showed her that according to the rituals that had been done on her, when we took her back home in Malawi, what she was now doing in public was taboo, had saddened her ancestors and I had been sent to rebuke her for doing so.“I did not get anything from Moana, my own daughter’s property, even a cup or pot, everything disappeared.“If Genius was alive, maybe he would have reminded his father to come and console me. Genius’s father has wronged me.”





He says he has been seeing Moana in his dreams.“I got back my granddaughter, Moana’s only daughter, she is now at a private school where I pay almost four hundred United States dollars.“I am seeing Moana in her and I have another boy who looks exactly like Moana.”

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