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Political News

January 18, 2020

Nigel Gwirikwiti Analysis Obert Gutu Pfambi Of Politics Leaves MDC-T

The political prostitute,  Obert Gutu has prematurely aborted the political marriage with Thokozani Khupenga . Officially , through the streets of social media,  the former announced the divorce . He did not declassify the dossiers of the primacy cause of the divorce .  Allegedly, many citizens of the Commonwealth of Social Media are claiming that Gutu has been having unprotected political intercourses with Zanu PF. Consequently, culminating into him being pregnant with toxic ideas . The ambiance of collegiality between Gutu and Mnangagwa which is exhibited by how the former verbalizes and actualizes his unequivocal support of the latter is very suspicious .  Furthermore, it is predictably believed Gutu will be ceremoniously announcing his new marriage with Zanu P

January 12, 2020

Nigel Gwirikwiti Analysis ZBC Is A Zanu Extension & Jah Prayzah Is Their Speakerphone

All artists should be valued and their artistry should be respected and protected as outlined by the constitution. More importantly, ZBC is a state media outlet that should give coverage with parity to all artists regardless of political affiliation.  Zanu PF uses ZBC as a conduit pipe to spread their propaganda. ZBC and ZANU are synonyms . My bone of contention is that ZBC goes out of their constitutional way to do anything necessary or unnecessary to protect Jah Prayzah . They protect him because he is one of them . He sings politically charged songs in favor of Zanu PF . In fact , he sang “ kutonga kwaro “ showering Mr Lipstick with praises . The song was never banned . They have a problem with Winky D ijipita. ZBC Is A Zanu Extension  & Jah Prayzah Is Th