Tuesday, May 28

Mashura Mutumbi Wemwana Musikana Wa Amina Wabihwa Varimunzira Yekuuya Kuzimbabwe Kunovigwa Inzwai Hadzvadzi Ya Amina Achitaura Zvaitika

Ivory Park Police Station. The family is at the Police Station with two left bodies. A body of one of Amina's Children has been stolen, hearse driver kiddnaped.











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A body of a 5 year old girl (Adeize Mavuka) has been stolen, while the driver of the Toyota Quantum used as hearse kiddnaped.One out of three hearses was kidnapped while it was supposed to form a convoy as the bodies were being repatriated to Zimbabwe. The Case has been opened at Ivory Park Police Station. 





It is alleged that the body may have been stolen by a father of the deceased girl.(Simon Jampaya) Amina Mavuka (31) took her own life with a rat poison together with that of her two children A 10 year old boy Desire and a 5 year old girl Adeize.The kidnappers are said to be heading to Zimbabwe. 

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