Monday, April 22

Mota Zvadzichauraya Vanhu Muimbi Mukuru Baba Troy Akapiwa Mota Na Wicknel Chivhayo 30 January Aita Tsaona Kusara Padiki Nerufu Zvakaoma

Sir Wicknell has delivered on his promise by buying musician baba Troy a Toyota aqua car. The artist posted a video thanking the Harare based businessman for his kind gesture. [SLIDE] @sir_wicknell 





Musician Baba Troy received his Toyota Aqua from sir Wicknell after getting a driver's license. Vaita Accident Nemota Yacho 








Sir Wicknell has fulfilled his promise by purchasing musician Baba Troy a Toyota Aqua car. The artist expressed his gratitude to the Harare-based businessman in a video post, thanking him for his generous gesture.Akapasa, akatenga chitambi, or Pane Banga kwarakabva??????????+Anyways hope haana kukwara hake 🙏









This started when the amai hitmaker posted a video online whilst in a combi complaining that life hasn’t been so good as an artist . Sir Wicknell came across this video and was touched by it.


He promised to buy the artist a car but later on realised that he did not have a driving licence so he gave him a condition that he had to get the licence in a specified timeframe and go with it to him to collect the car.


Baba Troy did not waste any time,he enrolled for provisional and roadtests which he passed this past week and is now a driving license holder ,on the other hand sir Wicknell also delivered on his promise.

#Isusu tikaona wakutaurq ma handbag 👜 munhu wemurume zvisina tsarukano haaaa unondibuda kuti budi


He has done the same gesture to Jah Prayzah this past week buying him a $180 000 Mercedes Benz for his work in art. DJ Ollah sarcastically posted a message on his platform asking for a car from the business.

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