Monday, December 04

Mudiwa Hood Opindura Tinashe Mutarisi Uri Clout Chaser Ndine Business Rine Ma Workers 1000 plus

Dear Mentee


After all is said and done be a doer, eo something to help others achieve their dreams. 




Sa inini hangu, as a ghetto yut…I am proud to have created jobs for over 360 people and provide decent income for them and their families too, in one of my companies.


I am still looking for attachees studying hr, administration and accounts. 


Follow Bisep Security and Apply here


In other my other companies we are looking for




 1. an operations guy, with class 4 license, full knowledge on operating a pump meter, decanting services and supervising in operations dept. 

2. An experienced sales person who is relatively young with an impressive cv, 

3. A good administrator, with huge experience in handling money, reconciliation and reports.


Kindly apply here




As a hardworking citizen, i believe more numbers are coming. I am past the stage of seeking validation, i have fully operational companies in Construction, Energy, Media and Advertisement, Aviation, Finance, Car hiring, Security service and Cleaning Services


My luxury Boutique @mudiwahoodstore alone has 9 workers including tailors and designers. I have a young team there, that includes attachees too.





My vision is to have 1000+ employees on decent salaries. With evolving technology i believe this is good enough. 


Take time and understand what am all about on link below






Mudiwa Hood

Seems like Tinashe Mutarisi said a lot without actually saying a lot and he is also a successful businessman and has also created employment for a lot of people. And he is also a family man its refreshing to hear something different for a change on how other people prosper and get things done in business. Zvino vatsika magarden 

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