Thursday, June 20

Tinashe Mutarisi Instagram Account Hacked Mushure Mekutuka Prophet Passion Java

t looks like #TinasheMtarisi instagram account is gone. 

Local businessman Tinashe Mutarisi has threatened to expose and take legal action against Zanu PF-linked self-proclaimed prophet Passion Java over "attention-seeking behaviour".

Mutarisi took to social media on Tuesday where he posted a video clip titled “The reply to Java” in which he calls out the United States-based man of the cloth alongside gospel rapper Mudiwa Hood for attacking him and his business while purporting to be Zanu PF emmisaries.


“Passion Java and Mudiwa called me yesterday claiming that they were sent by higher authorities to campaign against me and my business. It is a lie as no one has authorised or sent them and it is simply their attention-seeking behaviour,” a visibly emotional Mutarisi charged.

"It is not the system that is fighting against me, but rather him (Java) and his vain friends who fail to comprehend why people still support and admire me without having to boast like they do." 

The entrepreneur’s response, which was laced with warnings to the supposedly religious duo, came after Java  posted a video clip claiming that Mutarisi recently stage-managed a fire incident at his factory in Harare’s Graniteside industrial area, to cream off his insurers. Property worth thousands of dollars was reduced to ashes in the inferno.

According to the controversial preacher, Mutarisi, who played part of the last conversations they had over the phone in the posted video, orchestrated the inferno so he could claim an insurance payout.


Mudiwa immediately hit back and challenged  Mutarisi to amicably resolve his differences with Java.

“Why are you dragging me along, I repeatedly said you inspire me from the conversation, getting you guys to talk and solve issues, why do I have then need to look bad here…My greatest crime is to get you guys on the phone, you are lying to people and God knows,” said the showy musician.

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