Tuesday, February 27

Zvinonzwisa Tsitsi Ochema Job Sikhala Azotambura Oitwa Surgery Akasungwa Makumbo Nengetani Dzezanupf Arikurwara Zvekuti Munamatireiwo

Here is how cruel the ZANUPF regime is;


Political prisoner, opposition leader and lawyer, Job Sikhala who has been illegally detained without bail is going through surgery.





The ZANUPF regime insisted that he will be in leg irons even when he is in a hospital bed, how evil can one be?Even murderers are not treated the way Wiwa is going through i don't understand the reason to punish him this way I'm heartbroken 😥😥😥😥😥😥






Now they are going to give that doctor a million dollar so that he will inject slow poison to Sikhala. It's over for him now, you will see within 3 months he will be released and his health will be miserable.

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