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  • February 07, 2024
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Video Of Mutsvangwa Achituka Mnangagwa Your Days Are Numbered Kundidzinga Basa

A yet to be confirmed X account supposedly belonging to Chris Mutsvangwa has hit back at President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa for firing him saying his day of reckoning is not far In an X post that Mutsvangwa is yet to confirm or denounce, the former war veterans leader (@cmutsvangwa1) warns Mnangagwa.         “His Waterloo is not very far ahead. Everything he has or ever had including rulling mandates & filthy riches, are proceeds of robbery, not ordinary robberies but bloody, gruesome, gory, ghastly & grisly robberies.“Infact, you were told before that he is no presidential ...

  • February 01, 2024
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Job Sikhala Ofumura Chamisa Netumwe Twumbavha Twe CCC You Abandoned Me Kundisiya Ndichiora Mujeri Handisisina Basa Nemi

Former MP Job Sikhala says all members of the opposition party (CCC) did nothing to help him when he was in prison. Job SIkhala was released yesterday by a magistrate court after sentencing him to two years in jail wholly suspended for inciting violence             He said former CCC leader Nelson Chamisa neglected him while he was incarcerated. pposition politician Job Saro Wiwa Sikhala wasted no time in declaring that the people’s struggle continues unabated, just moments after his release from prison yesterday, where he spent an arduous 600 days behind bars. Sikhal...