Monday, December 04

Nigel Gwirikwiti Analysis Zimbabwean Passport Is The Most Expensive In Africa

Ironically, Zimbabwean passport is the most expensive  in Africa;  yet it is the least valuable . The respectability and powerfulness of a passport is measured by how many powerful nations allow the holders of that particular passport to enter their jurisdiction,  without requiring a prior visa approval. 

There are so many variables that affect the value of a  country’s passport. In general , the primacy of immigration is driven by economic factors . People migrate for economic reasons , for the most part . A country that is politically stable , economically poised , technologically positioned and intellectually mightier will have a very respectable and powerful passport . The citizenry of that country will be allowed to enter different jurisdictions without a visa . Conversely, the citizenry of a country that is politically unstable , economically in shambles will have a weaker passport . 

Currently, Zimbabwe is politically unstable , economically in shambles. Consequently, the economic disequilibrium is being reflected by a very weak passport. The citizenry are required to have prior visa approval to enter most jurisdictions. 

When a nation has good governance , economic growth, technological development, intellectual mightiness,  the successes get reflected by the respectability of their passport . 

That’s why our Zimbabwean passport is not respected worldwide ! Ironically , it’s the most expensive one ! 

We need our dignity back. Let’s make Zimbabwe great again !

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